Ravel is a puzzle game for iPhone and iPod Touch. It tests your knowledge and logic by challenging you to unravel several hundred phrases in a unique fashion. In the process you might RAVEL your mind, but fret not, for you can cash in some of your winnings for a hint. Just don't go broke, or it's game over!

It's a bit like "Hangman," but less about guessing and more about logical deduction. When you select an empty square, Ravel will let you know what other squares are supposed to be the same letter as that one. By shuffling letters around, you inch closer to unlocking the phrase. By buying hints, you can also find out where a certain letter goes, or what letter goes into a particular tile, or if any of your guesses so far are correct.

Ravel was made by Jon Wofford and Matt Gambrell, along with Noel Gabriel.

Ravel is available NOW in the App Store for a mere $0.99.

Click here to get it!


If you have any technical problems or issues playing Ravel, please send an email detailing the problems to ravel-support@apocalypsetrain.com. If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions, please email ravel-comments@apocalypsetrain.com instead. Thanks for the input!


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